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Pizze e birre di qualità

Pizzas and real ales

The lievito's philosophy

Lievito ® is about pizza made with starter yeast and quality craft beer. A place that escapes the typical confines of pizza restaurants and pubs, a new concept of food service with a specific identity that focuses on innovation without forgetting tradition, research without neglecting simplicity, and good flavours without forgetting local specialities.


Bread and yeast expert Rocco Caridi and passionate beer culture expert Francesco Donato have been a team since 2012 with their first venue, Malto Gradimento.
Lievito ® started on 16 November 2013 in Reggio Calabria.
This is the natural evolution of their understanding of quality and shared passion for everything they do.

Rocco Caridi & Francesco Donato




The alchemy of the perfect pizza

At Lievito ®, each pizza is a blend of technology and chemistry, experience and energy, excellent raw ingredients and just the right amount of alchemy!
We use our starter yeast and a unique mix of different wholemeal flours for our creations, making them exclusive and easily recognisable for their taste, lightness anddigestibility.
With 72 hours of leavening and the right proving time, each pizza on your plate will be so light you will never have enough.

You come to try pizzas and beer in our pizzeria to londra